Charleston Artist Guild Gallery September Featured Artist Opening Reception

Charleston Artist Guild Gallery September Featured Artist Opening Reception

The Charleston Artist Guild Gallery announces Tracy Gansrow as the Featured Artist for the month of September. Her exhibit, Girls in White Dresses, Celebrating the Innocence, Beauty, and Strength of Girls will be on display for the month of September.

Tracy is intrigued by the play of light and shadow on landscapes and people. Tracy states, “I love driving over the connectors to the beaches just before twilight so I can capture that moment when the sun casts unusual shadows and striking colors. My daughter would join me and sometimes dance on the beach. I was inspired as I watched the light and shadows accentuate her movements, creating beautiful shapes and patterns. Her passion, beauty and strength motivated me to create this series of paintings of young women in white dresses to accentuate the play of light and the innocent but powerful presence of girls.”

Fabulon Presents: Eugene Horne and Gena Grant, REALM OF MEMORY


 Memories of nature, place, and light

deconstructed, reconstructed, and transformed

into paintings and sculptures.

Curators often employ juxtaposition as an element when arranging art. At first glance pairing the work of landscape painter Eugene Horne with sculptor Gena Grant might seem evidence of such a technique. Horne’s work seeks to capture light in a specific space and time. Where as the shadows created by Grant’s sculptures captivate the viewer. Horne works from a drawing plotted out in charcoal while Grant dissects a ready made item and redevelops it into a new form that evolves as she progresses.

But upon closer examination viewers start to feel the connections to nature that both artists share. Both rely heavily on memory. Memories are revisited and related back through lines, color, and form.

Artist Reception with refreshments: Saturday 11/12, 5-8pm

Preview and Gallery Talk: 11/9, 6:30-7:30pm

“When Visions Become Paintings” Showcasing Susanne Frenzel and Faye Sullivan

“When Visions Become Paintings” Showcasing Susanne Frenzel and Faye Sullivan

Mark your calendars for “When Visions Become Paintings” a six-week-long fine art exhibit at the Real Estate Studio on 214 King St in Charleston, SC. Susanne and Faye will show a collection of the diverse, abstract and representational work they have created in the past year. The exhibit will be on display from October 26 until Dec 6, 2016. The artists’ reception is planned for Friday, December 2 from 6 to 8 p.m. Faye Sullivan’s oil paintings are inspired by water, whether it be the ocean, marsh, rivers ponds or streams. Where there is water, there is movement, space, and reflections.  Add wind, clouds, climactic variations, seasons, time of day and you have all the ingredients to stimulate the imagination. Water is constantly changing and always creates a delightful emotional escape. Living in different parts of the world has significantly influenced Susanne Frenzel’s work. Her favorite medium is acrylics, sometimes combined with mixed media. One of her passions is to experience the energy we all are surrounded by and then to translate it into a painting. Susanne embraces the always-possible element of surprise as an opportunity to add a unique, special effect to her strong and powerful abstract artwork.

faye-2-sunday-evening_jpg                                             susanne-love-is-in-the-air