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Holiday Magic in Historic Charleston


The City of Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs celebrates the holiday season this December with Holiday Magic in Historic Charleston, offering FREE, family-friendly activities, live performances and decorations all around town for everyone in the community to enjoy together. We hope you will join us in helping make Holiday Magic!!!

Virtual Offerings to be Announced.

Holiday Parade of Boats

Cooper River, Charleston Harbor & Ashley River

2018 Information

The 37th Annual Holiday Parade of Boats will be held in Charleston Harbor on Saturday, December 8, 2018, organized by the City of Charleston in partnership with the Charleston Sail and Power Squadron. You can participate in the parade by simply registering, decorating your boat from stem to stern with lights, and joining us on the water. Thousands of spectators view the parade along the route from Mt. Pleasant to Charleston each year.

The parade begins at approximately 5:30PM near the Mt. Pleasant side and ends in the Ashley River, (after processing down the Charleston side of the Cooper River), at approximately 7:30PM. We say approximately, because of various factors, including wind, current, and the ability of the boats to maintain headway.

Captains and crews will be invited to the Captain’s Party and Awards Ceremony the following afternoon. Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place boats in both the power and sail categories, with the best-in-show award going to the highest scoring boat overall.

Information about the historic Rotary Club of Charleston’s Light Up the Night Parade Viewing Party at the Charleston Maritime Center is available by visiting

For more information: Call Ray Swagerty, Production Manager & Parade of Boats Coordinator (843) 724-7414 or email

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